What are the Auto-Purger Options?

Hansen offers a variety of Auto-Purgers options to suit the need of both small and large systems. The AP series, APM and NEAP are available for both ammonia and halocarbon systems. The APP Auto-Purger Plus is only for ammonia (NH3). It has the capability of extracting water as well as the non-condensibles.


What refrigerants can be used with Auto-Purgers?

All Hansen Auto-Purger models are suitable for ammonia (NH3) systems. The AP, APM and NEAP models are available for both ammonia and halocarbon systems. Contact factory for approved halocarbon refrigerants.


How do I select the correct Auto-Purger for my system?

Generally, the number of purge points (current and future) determines the selection. The APP Auto-Purger Plus and the AP Auto-Purger are available in models capable of up to 24 purger points. The number of pruger points of the APPC and APC Computor Interface Models are at the discresion of the designer. The APM Auto-Purger M is limited to 4 purge points. the NEAP Non-Electric Mini is basically a single purge point model. Example: A new ammonia system has three condensers with two drain legs each plus a HPR (high pressure receiver). That is a total of 7 purge points. With no expansion anticipated an AP08 would be adequate. The AP16 or AP24 would be the selection for future expansion.


What are the Auto-Purger specifications?



Does the APP Auto-Purger Plus have a valve for draining water?

The APP model is equipped with a shut-off valve downstream of the drain solenoid valve. After a concentration cycle the Control Console display will indicate “READY TO DRAIN. OPEN WATER PURGE SHUT-OFF VALVE THEN PRESS “OK."


Why select the APP Auto-Purger Plus?

The APP models are capable of removing water from ammonia systems in addition to the non-condensibles. Water in ammonia system can lead to system inefficiencies as does the non-condensibles. Older systems can accumulate water from many sources. Recognizing the presence of water is not as evident as the non-condensibles. New systems may not require this feature initially but over time the need may arise. The APP Auto-Purger Plus is capable of handling either as required.