2D & 3D Drawings


(Product Layout Program)
See download instructions below.

Zip file download (1gb)


NOTE: All drawings are drawn to the dimensions stated in our bulletins with a tolerance of +/- 1/4”

Instructions for Downloading 2D Drawings
(Product Layout Program) for Use with AutoCAD:

After Clicking on the DOWNLOAD link, a dialog box will appear:


If you select OPEN:

The downloading process begins. The files will extract to the following location: C:\Hansen\Hansen\.

If you select SAVE:

You will be prompted to enter the location where you would like the HANSEN.ZIP file saved. You will be required to select and unzip the Hansen.zip file in order to execute the program. Once the Hansen.exe file is unzipped, it will automatically prompt to save the files to C:\Hansen\Hansen.

To Install:

Hard drive installation requires approximately 68 MB of free space. It will install on the hard drive as it downloads. (C:\Hansen\Hansen)

In the support files search path inside AutoCAD [Tools, Options, Files, Support File Search Path] specify the directory where the files are located . In the above typical installation, both C:\Hansen\Hansen and C:\Hansen\Hansen\Source must be separately listed as support file search paths.

To Run:

  • Load AutoLISP routines into AutoCAD [Tools, Load Application].
  • Type "HT" on the command line.
  • Make the appropriate selections in the dialog box that appears. A new dialog box apperas, with selections for the valve type you selected. PLEASE NOTE: Make selections from top to bottom.
  • When the dialog box is closed, specify a start (insertion) point and second point (specifying rotation only). The drawing block is inserted. 

Note: If you are unable to use AutoLISP routines with your version of AutoCAD, drawings can be accessed directly via the downloaded folder directory.

Drawing Certification: Dimensions are based on the latest information available at the time of the publication, but are subject to change without notice. If a certified drawing is required, please contact the factory.
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