HS2 Solenoid Valve

Hansen Solenoid Valves are designed and built specifically for industrial refrigeration. These high-quality valves are compact, strong-bodied, and reliable. Stainless steel pistons or disc-pistons with Teflon seals are used to overcome the problem of valve sticking due to dirt or lack of oil. Pilot seats are polished stainless steel on Teflon discs and main valve seats and discs align for tight closing. Each valve is tested on a sensitive leak detection system to ensure reliable operation, safety, and tightness.

HS7 Solenoid Valve

This flanged, heavy duty, pilot-operated, industrial refrigeration solenoid valve controls the flow of refrigerant. When electrically energized, a slight pressure difference across the valve causes it to open wide; when de-energized, a spring promptly closes the main Teflon seat to stop all flow in the arrow direction on the valve body.