Coils and Pilot Lights

All Hansen solenoid valves utilize a one-size encapsulated, watertight coil. These coils are strong and efficient, requiring only 16 watts of power. All common voltages and frequencies are available. Coils are designed to operate from 85% to 110% of rated voltage. Pilot light assemblies are also available. The pilot light assemblies require no additional wiring.

The standard coil connection is a ½” female straight pipe fitting (NPSM) for conduit, with two 18” long, insulated 18 AWG wire leads plus ground wire. Coils with a DIN plug or a Quick Disconnect plug are available where codes permit. All coils meet NEMA 3R (IP32) (rainproof) and NEMA 4 (splashproof) requirements. This sealed construction can withstand direct contact with splashing or hose-directed water, wind blown dust or rain, and remain undamaged by the formation of ice.


  • One coil fits all valve sizes

  • Low wattage

  • Encapsulated, watertight design

  • Operates on standard voltages

  • Combination 50/60Hz coil

  • Can be used with European/Danish coils using

  • Coil Adapter Kit 70-1104

  • Easily installed, no tools required

  • Long life wireless pilot light optional