HCK5D 2-Step Gas-Powered Suction Stop Valve

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These heavy-duty, flanged, gas-powered, 2-step suction stop valves are designed to control the flow of refrigerant in large industrial and commercial refrigeration systems.

They remain normally open via a spring and require no pressure drop to operate. A single pilot solenoid valve is required to control a higher pressure refrigerant gas which closes these valves during defrosting.

The HCK5D valve has an internal, controlled bleed-down (equalize) feature which will not allow the main seat to open until the pressure across the valve is at a lower, safer pressure differential. This eliminates the need for a separate bleed-down solenoid valve, greatly simplifying piping and reducing installed costs.

If a loss of power occurs during defrost, evaporator pressure is utilized to keep the main valve seat closed until bleed-down is complete.