HS4D Two Step Solenoid Valve

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S439 - March 2013.pdf

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Hansen Technologies introduces the HS4D Two Step Solenoid Valve. The HS4D is based on the same strength, reliability, design principles and craftsmanship as the standard Hansen HS4A Solenoid Valve—with added versatility. The two step solenoid design provides three positions for the valve: fully closed, partially open (10% stroke), and fully open. These valves are normally closed and will revert to the closed position in the event of a power failure. The valve can be opened via the manual opening stem for pump-out during maintenance.

Similar to the standard HS4A, the HS4D is superior in its ability to overcome dirt and sticky oil during opening, as well as function in an oil-free “dry” system.


  • Two step solenoid design allows for closed, partially open and fully open valve positions

  • Valve can be used to dampen on closing and opening to help minimize shock to piping and other system components

  • Eliminates the need for a soft gas valve and associated piping when used in hot gas valve applications

  • Tolerant of dry systems Teflon main and pilot seats

  • Encapsulated Hansen standard coil

  • Heavy duty, pilot operation 300 psi MOPD (20 bar)

  • Available close-coupled strainer/check valve

  • Non-asbestos gaskets

  • Optional wireless pilot lights are available

  • Flange-to-flange drop in for standard HS4A