HS6 Solenoid Valve

This flanged, industrial refrigeration duty solenoid valve is very simple and compact but rugged in construction. Body is plated steel alloy with a direct lifting stainless steel plunger that contains a teflon seat that closes on a stainless steel orifice. When electrically energized, seat opens wide; when de-energized, it closes to stop flow in the arrow direction on the valve body.

This small, direct lifting valve is used primarily as a pilot for various larger gas-powered or liquid powered main valves, as a remote pilot for back pressure regulators or other devices, or as a liquid stop valve for expansion valves, float valves, or as a general purpose pilot line for ammonia, R22, R134a, CO2 and other approved refrigerants or oil.


  • Encapsulated Hansen standard coil

  • 300 psi (20 bar) MOPD

  • Available close-coupled strainer

  • Heavy-duty, direct lift

  • CSA Certified Status

  • Non-asbestos gaskets