Motorized Control Valves


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Ready - Don't Set - Go.

Get the R&R (Ruggedness & Reliability) you deserve with Hansen's new Motorized Control Valve.

  • Factory Set, plug-and-play logic ensures quick and hassle free installation

  • Rugged design delivers highest rated SWP and MOPD

  • Proven reliability

Hansen’s new ½” thru 4” Motorized Control Valve is a direct motor actuated valve designed for operation in Dx, liquid makeup, temperature, pressure and level control applications for a wide variety of refrigerants. 

With its industry leading Safe Working Pressure (SWP) and MOPD rating of 800 PSIG, this valve also features water tight, weather proof, IP 67 rating for reliable outdoor use along with factory set plug-and-play logic for quick and hassle-free installation. Manufactured for quality & reliability with automotive grade assembly technology, this valve has been proven in the lab and field.


  • Standalone Sizes: ½” thru 4” (13 - 100mm)

  • MVP Sizes: ½” thru 2” (13 - 50mm)

  • MOPD and safe working pressure: 800 psig weld-in line or 400 psig flanged,

  • Operating temperature range: -75°F to +240°F

  • Ambient temperature range: -40F to 122F

  • Control Signal: 4-20mA, 0-5 V, 0-10 V, 1-6 V, and dry contact

  • Voltage input: 24 Volt AC or DC

  • Power consumption: 20 Watts

  • Front facing, bright LED readout of valve position

  • High-torque, fine resolution, reliable stepper motor from world class supplier

  • Plug-n-Play

  • Factory set for valve size

  • Self-calibrating on power up

  • Web or mobile based sizing and field capacity tool