Pump Guardian Pump Controllers

The Pump Guardian is a fully integrated controller designed specifically for use with industrial refrigeration pumps. Intended to safeguard refrigerant liquid pumps and to alert plant operators to improper or harmful operating conditions as they occur.

It simplifies control circuit wiring, consolidates pump protecting devices, keeps the operator informed as to the pump status, and eliminates nuisance shutdowns. Unlike most pump controllers, it provides excess recycling (on/off) protection to prevent unnecessary pump damage due to a reoccurring system problem. Motor over-temperature monitoring and protection is built-in for pumps having integral motor thermistors.

The Pump Guardian has a computer compatible RS232 serial communications port which enables access to stored information regarding pump.


  • Protects pump
  • Avoids nuisance cutouts
  • Clearly displays pump status
  • Automatic operation
  • Computer compatible