Receiver Level Transducer Probes

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(For Halocarbon Systems, especially Supermarkets)

Designed to be inserted directly into refrigerant receivers and facilitate the continuous measurement of refrigerant liquid levels.

The following results can be tracked: refrigerant loss detection, refrigerant inventory measurements, warnings of excessive refrigerant levels, and insufficient refrigerant quantity. Factory pre-calibrated and tested with no moving parts to break, jam, or fail.

Horizontal Receiver Probes (SHP) can also be used in short [less than 30˝ (762 mm) insertion] vertical receivers. For vertical receivers 12˝ to 20˝ (305 to 508 mm) diameter (other diameters need special engineering). Maximum insertion length is 69˝ (1752 mm). Output signal 0-5V or 1-6V; 4-20 mA available, .