HS8A Solenoid Valve

This heavy-duty HS8A refrigeration solenoid valve is flanged, compact, and pilot-operated. It is now more dirt resistant, erosion resistant, and corrosion resistant than other similar refrigerant valves. A dirt controlling Teflon piston seal helps prevent sticking. The valve body has improved, erosion resistant flow passages.

A proprietary coating on the valve body gives unmatched corrosion protection. The HS8A is used to provide on-off control of refrigerant flow. When the coil is energized, a pressure difference across the piston opens the valve seat. When the coil is de-energized, a spring closes the main Teflon seat to stop all flow. 

Ideal as a liquid line solenoid valve. While primarily for ammonia, this valve is also suitable for R22, R134a, CO2 and other compatible refrigerants. The most common use of this valve is to control flow to: expansion devices, recirculating liquid overfeed evaporators, hot gas defrost, and small capacity evaporator suction. In addition, the HS8A makes an ideal noncondensible gas (air) purge point solenoid valve, and is recommended for use with Hansen AUTO-PURGERs.